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Senior UX/Product Designer

About Me

I am the current Senior Product Designer at Autovia (Auto Express, EVO Car, Octane etc). Day to day work involves sketching UX concepts, iterating these into user journeys and clearly annotated wireframes and producing low - high fidelity prototypes. UI also plays a big part in my product process so the stakeholder/client can get the best understanding of the product and build the best possible picture of the journey moving forwards.

I am enthusiastic, self-motivated, with strong communication and organisational skills, which I have developed during my career. I have an advanced understanding of UX/UI and Visual design for web and mobile. My knowledge of colour for both digital and print is strong, and my typography, illustration, animation and photography composition/ re-touching skills are to a very high standard.

I am a strong team worker with an excellent understanding of working within a Scrum (Agile) environment. Regular responsibility running user testing sessions either within office or due to the current situation via digital means. I am proactive in my planning and time management. As a designer my attention to detail is extremely high and every project, I work on gets completed to the highest possible standard.

My HTML and CSS coding skills are extremely strong. I have an advanced understanding of web and particularly email both standard and responsive. My knowledge towards other coding languages such as HTML5, Java, PHP, WordPress etc. is also strong. I have a good understanding towards particular CMS systems and my SEO knowledge is growing throughout my career development.

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UX/UI, Digital, Print, and Front End Development, I have work with a number of different companies and clients over the years. Please follow the link below to see some examples.

Key Skills

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Agile (Scrum)
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

Showcase of my work

Below you will find some examples of the key UX projects I have worked on during my career as a UX/Product Designer.

Auto Express

Auto Express want to add a "New Car Configuration tool" to the site to 1: Generate new car leads for the key car manufactures and 2: create a great tool for the user to gain a simplified break down of current new cars on the market to day.

This is Phase 1 of the projects so medium fidelity designs and prototypes were needed to show the basic journey to the stake holders and users to see if this was the correct path to follow. Both desktop and mobile are considered as all data shows a fairly even split on numbers when looking at similar tools to this on site and competitors.

This project is still very much in flow and phase two will be coming soon.

The Week

The Week brings you all you need to know about everything that matters. More than a news digest – it's an original take on world news as it happens.

The Week wanted to to bring the printed editorial experience online I.e. create that in hand feel and flow of the articles to the users in a digital format. This piece of work showed the development of the project.

Working very closely with the chief editors and online directors I created a user journey that worked to create both user experiences which the project tasked out to communicate to its audience. Taking key styles and editorial quirks to bring the magazine online in both desktop and mobile forms.

User testing became key to this project. Users liked the natural flow and strict templated layout which never changes in the printed Verizon of the magazine, hence replicating these design/user flow needs online.

The UniGuide

Recently acquired by The Student Room Group, The UniGuide (formally Which?Uni) needed to be monetised as currently this was a free resource ran by the Which? group. To give a benefit to the Universities on the site and most importantly the user key call to action buttons were added to allow the user to obtain further information on the course, university or request a full prospectus from the institution.

The CTA's can be found in multiple locations on the site, in various different positions. User testing was conducted online via Lookback.io due to the global pandemic, Hotjar implemented on pages to see the user engage with the product and also X5 variation tests via Google optimise to determine a winner via tracking clicks.

Further testing and development on the product is on going with the CTA's to date, being steered by the user testing and the client to get the product to perform to its best ability.

The Student Room

This project is still in progress but the brief was to cover two key factors, first to make it user focused, a place for the user to see all their content and interact with other users in a mobile friendly environment that was scaleable. The second was to capture key data areas for the business using methods of interaction and gamification.

The process started with research, establishing users journeys student, focus groups, competitor analysis etc. Material design theory was selected and wireframes, medium fidelity designs were produced and circulated by user feedback questionnaires, and hosting an in-house focus group of users with giant Mobile boards where they could stick on elements of the profile page to create their own design and layout. .

Finally the first high fidelity designs were created and prototyped to see what the reaction and feedback was like. Currently feedback is being processed and compiled via a closed Beta.

EDF Energy

Boiler project 2017 - To research, wireframe and design a campaign landing page. The customer target for this particular campaign was aimed at the Traditional working class and Precariat sectors. This being a lading page that was simple to navigate via desktop and mobile was key. Emphasis has to be with the main offer but care and consideration for accessibility and venerable clients also needed to be addressed.

Limitations for the project were via the Drupal grid layout. EDF Energy has a strict set of web guidelines which have been established via rigorous amounts of testing to provide the best possible UX for their content. Testing was carried out via a third party team.

Bupa Global

Bupa Global testimonials campaign. Key focus for this page was the video content. The audience using this page would potentially be in need of care due to cancer etc so creating an experience that was easy to read, calming etc was key to the design and the UX.

A responsive page was needed to highlight video content and key product information that related to the story in the video. Research on other leading video content sites was undertaken. Wireframes produced and tested both low and high fidelity.

Finals designs were refined and tested before passing over to the development team.

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